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October 5, 2021

World Coatings Council Focuses on Sustainability Reporting

The focus on sustainability within the coatings industry has evolved since the idea was first...
April 6, 2021

New VOC Limits for Architectural Coatings in Canada

April 5, 2021 In March, CPCA made a substantial submission on the federal government’s intent...
March 2, 2021

Legislative Modernization for Chemical Regulation

Once again the government in Ottawa is talking about legislative ‘modernization’, which usually means tightening...
March 2, 2021

CPCA Corner: February 2021 Current Paint and Coatings Issues in Canada

February 2021 PMRA Confirms Aligning with the EU on Decision to Prohibit Specific Uses of...
February 3, 2021

Key Ingredients for a Biocide Manifesto

February 3, 2021 A biocide manifesto for the paint and coatings industry would essentially state...
November 18, 2020

Will the Politics of Plastic Hurt Industry?

On the surface, the recent federal ban on several single-use plastics is positive given that...
November 18, 2020

CPCA Corner: Canadian Coatings Market Update – Fall 2020

Canadian Coatings Market Update – Fall 2020 Shortly after the start of the economic lockdowns...
June 2, 2020

Economics of the Pandemic for Paint & Coatings

THERE IS MUCH DOOM AND GLOOM about the economic fortunes caused by the pandemic, which...
May 11, 2020

CPCA Corner: Public Safety Canada Designates Paint & Coatings an Essential Service

Public Safety Canada Designates Paint & Coatings and Essential Service CPCA distributed a backgrounder to...


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