Restoring a Wooden Chair

There's something to be said about those old antique chairs or even a solid wood dining chair that beckons memories of a forgotten era and holds so many stories. These beautiful pieces are often what add character to a home and create conversational pieces when hosting guests. Refinishing an old wooden chair is not as daunting a task as you might think and could be easily characterized as a great beginner PIY-er project! Our simple tutorial will guide you through the steps of refinishing and creating your own bespoke piece of furniture.


Tools You'll Need


Disposable gloves
Microfiber cloth
Scrubby sponge
Putty knife
Drop Cloths


Paper and painter’s plastic
Painter’s tape
Fine Paint Brush
Paint Bucket


Plastic Painter's Tarp
Spray on Oil-based Paint
Angled Brush
Extension Pole
Sanding sponge
Small paintbrush
Tack Cloth

Clean Up

Broom or dusting cloths
Screwdriver and/or electric drill
Mineral spirits

Tutorial Steps

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