Your garden patio will shine with newly refinished wrought iron furniture. Whether your metal furniture or accents are decorative and ornate or modern and streamlined, a fresh coat of paint will make them look like new!


Tools You'll Need


Bleach or TSP Cleaner
Disposable gloves
Microfiber cloth
Scrubby sponge
Putty knife
Drop Cloths


Metal Primer
Paper and painter’s plastic
Painter’s tape
Fine Paint Brush
Paint Bucket


Plastic Painter's Tarp
Mildew Resistant Paint
Angled Brush
Extension Pole
Sanding sponge
Small paintbrush
Tack Cloth

Clean Up

Broom or dusting cloths
Screwdriver and/or electric drill
Caulk and caulk gun
Mineral spirits

Tutorial Steps

This 4-step tutorial outlines all the steps that need to properly repaint wrought iron. 


Choose a warm day with moderate temperatures. Create a painting space using tarps and drop cloths in an open area outside.

Remove Old Finish and Rust

Clean the metal with vinegar/water solution or a mild detergent and scrub away all the dirt, grime and rust. Use a stiff wire brush, or electric drill equipped with a sanding pad and abrasive discs to remove the remainder of the rust.

Safety Tip: Wear safety goggles, a dust mask and appropriate clothing to protect against dust particles when working.

Apply Primer

Spray or brush on primer made specifically for metal application. For the best results apply two coats and allow splenty of drying time between coats. Be sure to read the manufacturer label carefully for the exact timing for the primer to dry before applying your paint.

Apply Paint

Once the primer is all dry you can spray or brush on rust-inhibiting paint. Spray gets the job done quickly and provides excellent coverage and a very smooth finish. Apply several light coats and let the paint fully dry for 24  hours or as per manufacturer directions prior to using your furniture.

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