Your Support is Critical
for a Strong CASE Industry in Canada

A Call to join CPCA

The paint and coatings industry is one of the most heavily regulated chemical industries in Canada. CPCA’s mandate is to advocate for fair regulatory development that is evidence-based, rooted in science, and with full consideration of the impacts on industry, the environment, and the economy. It’s a tall order!

Companies in the CASE industry today will have to comply with the most extensive regulatory changes the industry has faced since the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) was passed more than 20 years ago. 

Chemicals Managment Plan

Increased Prioritization

1000+ substances prioritized for assessment under in Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) and more to be announced soon
architectural coatings

Performance Risks

Lower VOC limits proposed for 49 categories of Architectural, Institutional & Maintenance coatings
OEM Automotive

Reformulation Risks

Lower VOC limits proposed for Industrial, Commercial Adhesives & Sealants as well as Auto Refinishing

Trade Risks

Recent biocide cancellations and use restrictions for critical preservatives in CASE products in Canada only, negatively impacting trade

Product Risks

New regulatory initiatives aimed at assessing 4,700 PFAS chemicals and up to 10,000+ in the coming years
Supply Chain

Administrative Burden

Greatly increasing regulations for more labelling of chemicals in consumer products
Biocide Cancellation

Decreased Efficiencies

New initiatives to increase supply chain transparency and ‘more’ labelling
Recycled content

Potential Bans

Proposed use of recycled content in plastic packaging, containers, and equipment and plastic bans

CPCA’s membership is missing a number of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers who rely heavily on fair regulations. Given the huge volume and severity of the currently proposed regulations CPCA is reaching out to all those companies impacted to build a much stronger voice for a ‘whole of industry’ approach to the challenges. These challenges will be much harder to meet than those in the past and still retain functional products your customers’ demand.

Questions the CASE Industry Must Answer

CPCA members, and industry more broadly, must be proactive to ensure changes to the status quo are based on strong data. Industry is the primary source of that data. Without ‘all’ the relevant data for a robust and fair risk assessment the final regulatory outcomes are more likely to lead to bans and use restrictions for products in commerce today.

CPCA has six membership classes to meet your organizations' specific needs and to support the Association's strategic and advocacy objectives. Explore our membership classes to learn about how your organization can help CPCA tip the scale in favour of a strong, vibrant, and prospering CASE Industry in Canada.