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The paint and coatings industry includes a wide range of coatings, adhesives, sealants as well as elastomers, commonly referred to in the sector as CASE products. The industry is an important and dynamic part of the nation’s economy with a pivotal role in protecting and preserving a vast array of assets and manufactured products.

Coatings extend the life-cycle of Canada’s most critical infrastructure, equipment and consumer products in multiple end-use markets: construction, automotive, oil & gas, mining, wood and metal products, aerospace, machinery, paper, metal containers, coil, transportation equipment and general industrial manufacturing.

The industry continues its massive investments in research and development (R&D) generating many innovations and new technologies in product formulations. A strong coatings industry is critical to maintaining and improving Canada’s overall economic performance and that strength is reflected in the contribution to Canada’s Gross Domestic Product and the many jobs created.

Canadian Coatings
Industry is Strong

Summary of Economic Impact of the Paint and Coatings Industry

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