A sustainable commitment

The Canadian coatings industry is committed to sustainability and creating measurable change. Sustainability starts in the lab is a statement that CPCA members take seriously. Chemical engineers work tirelessly to create product formulations that meet or exceed Canadian regulatory requirements, making products sold in Canada some of the safest, most reliable, and highly performing products on the market today.  

95% Reduction in VOC Emissions

Over the past decade industry innovation in product formulations reduced VOC Emissions in architectural paint by 95%

Reuse & Recycle

In the 1990s industry established a paint waste recycling program fully funded by manufacturers and now with thousands of drop-off sites across Canada recycling unused paint.

20 Million Kg of Paint Recycled

Industry pays for the recycling of 20 Million Kg of paint annually, which diverts waste from landfills and waterways.

Protect & Preserve

Paint and coatings products are sustainable because they extend the life of renewable and non-renewable resources. Coatings serve to protect, preserve, and perform on all types of surfaces, extending the life cycle of personal and commercial assets such as municipal infrastructure, decks and fences, technology devices, and everyday items. This saves millions of dollars in energy costs, fuel consumption, repairs, and replacements.

70% Savings in Energy Costs

Coatings products save building owners 70% in annual cooling costs when using heat-refracting coatings.