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When thinking about your backyard landscape, having a beautiful deck or quaint shed can create a space that makes you feel like you have your own little oasis. A shed or deck is also a utilitarian part of your home, used often and left to weather natures elements. A deck adds value to a home at resale so paying proper attention and caring for the wood is well worth the investment. Depending on how you choose to coat your deck or shed – weather you use a stain or paint – be prepared for a financial difference of about $15 - $40 should you choose paint over stain.


Tools You'll Need


Bleach or TSP Cleaner
Disposable gloves
Microfiber cloth
Pressure washer
Putty knife
Plastic tarps


Exterior paint & stain
Safety glasses
Painter’s tape
Fine Paint Brush
Paint Bucket


Plastic Painter's Tarp
Mildew Resistant Paint
Angled Brush
Extension Pole
Sandpaper 80 - 120 grit
Small paintbrush
Tack Cloth

Clean Up

Broom or dusting cloths
Screwdriver and/or electric drill
Caulk and caulk gun
Mineral spirits

Tutorial Steps

This 15-step tutorial outlines all the steps that need to properly repaint the exterior walls of your home. Before we begin there are a few things we need to address. Here is a list of equipment and tools you will need to complete the project.

Wash and Remove Dirt

Clear and sweep the deck and power wash and remove dirt from the area so your deck and wood panels are clean and dry and ready to receive primer.

Apply a mold deterrent

A mold or mildew deterrent is an added spray that is good to use if your deck is low to the ground. Gently spray the mixture and then using a clean brush scrub the deterrent into the deck. Once you have covered the entire deck you can rinse off any remaining deterrent. Let the deck dry overnight.

Scrape & Sand

Using a scrapper remove any stuck on paint, and scrap over areas where paint is flaking and peeling. Once all the paint is scrapped and swept clean sand with an 80-100 grit sandpaper to smooth out the wood. Sand over areas that are rough. Don’t sand down to the wood you only want to smooth out areas and not expose fresh wood. Use 100-120 grit sandpaper on really rough areas.

Sweep again

Sweep away all the grit, dust and debris from sanding, alternatively you could use a leaf blower, or shop vac. Make sure all dust is removed and the area is clean and dry and ready for paint.

Repair any loose, damaged boards or nails on the deck

Before you dive into painting, do a thorough check of your deck for areas that need repair. Remove damaged boards, and make any new repairs. Replace rusted nails, and level out any nails that are sticking out so all nails are flush with the wood and floor of the deck.

Fill in any cracks with wood filler

If there are any holes or gaps in the wood, use a high-quality exterior grade putty to fill them in. Make sure you fill them well and the putty is smoothed over and sits flush to the wood so it blends in when you paint the deck.

Apply stain remover

Check the wood for any water or rust stains. Use a high-quality stain removed made for wood to get these stains out as best you can.

Start Masking walls, railings, windows and doors

Using painter’s tape mask all the edges of the wall, railing and windows so no paint gets on them.

Cover the walls and doors with a plastic sheet

Hang plastic sheets over the doors and walls to protect against drips of paint. Secure the plastic sheets with painters tape so they are not at risk of falling while you’re painting.

Wait for the weather

If possible avoid painting in direct sunlight as this will cause the paint to dry too fast. If the paint dries too fast it will appear patchy and uneven. The best time to paint is early in the morning, or later in the afternoon when the deck is in the shade.

Apply 1-2 coats of exterior stain and let dry overnight

Using high-quality and mildew-resistant stain apply 1-2 coats as this will ensure the deck is protected. Use a paint roller to apply the stain quickly and easily, working on area at a time. Start on the area furthermost from the doorway to the deck and roll on the stain in smooth, even motions with the paint roller. Once you have applied the stain to the entire deck, let it dry overnight.

Paint the deck from top to bottom one section at a time

Use paint that is water-based and high-quality. If there is a wood ceiling or awning on your deck, paint this first. Then, paint the posts and railings. Paint the bottom of the deck last. Painting from top to bottom will allow each section to dry and make it easier for you to work in the space. Start by using a paint brush to line the edges or corners of the area you are painting, such as the ceiling or railings on the deck. Use even strokes to cut the edges or corners so they are covered.

Apply paint with a roller

Once all the cutting is complete, use the paint roller to apply paint in a smooth motion, following the grain of the wood. Work from corner to corner, rolling the paint on to meet the corners or edges you have cut with the paintbrush. Apply a small amount of paint at a time, as you do not want the paint to clump or dry too thick.

Feather our roller marks

While the paint is drying use a paint brush to feather out roller marks or clumps of paint on the wood if there are any. Doing this will ensure the paint dries with a smooth finish.

Apply 1-3 Coats & touch ups

Put the same numbers of coats in all areas of the deck and make sure to do touch ups where applicable. Once you’ve applied all the coats let the paint dry overnight prior to doing any last touch ups. You can then remove all the painter tape an protective sheets to reveal your finished deck.

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