NEW Life for Your Furniture

Furniture is functional, practical and often very personal. It can also be ignored and abused over the years by kids, pets and sunlight. Old furniture and family heirlooms often hold cherished memories. If you have a well-loved old piece of hardwood furniture but aren’t quite sure what to do with it, up-cycling is one of the best ways to infuse new life into your furniture. From wood inspirations to D-I-Y instructions we have you covered with the information you need to paint-it-yourself!

Of course, there are many professionals who can also bring life to your furniture, especially if they require new fabric or replacement wood or metal that no longer works. Your call!

Canadian Colour

Adirondack chairs are peppered throughout our Canadian Cottage Country. They are comfortable, durable, and often made of cedar although you may find more modern versions made of poly lumber.

Painting Tip: When painting your Adirondack chair consider using bright vibrant colour. The bright hues will be seen from afar and create a fun and welcoming look to your cottage space.

Bright & Fun

Refinishing old wood dressers can be done easily. There are many ideas available including using bright colour and a pop of graphic black and white elements along the side edges of the drawers. 

Painters Tip: When painting the sides or insides of your drawers make sure to sand and fill any holes or scuffs to create a smooth surface that will hold the paint well and also make your piece of furniture look like new.

A Splash of Green

Emerald green, shades of dark blue are some of the leading colours in the upcycling community. These colours are rich, vibrant and add a level of sophistication to the finished pieces.

Painters Tip: A new rising trend is the use of high gloss paint when refinishing furniture. Consider using high gloss for a very rich and unique look and pair your paint with gold or silver drawer handles.

Gold Leaf

When re-designing a room consider adding a statement piece that will become the focal point of the room. Some use the fireplace for this, or create a focal painted wall, while others will refinish a piece of antique furniture in a way that can only be described as WOW! 

Painters Tip: When adding gilding gold leaf to your furniture make sure to read and follow the instructions on the label for the application as some gold leaf brands are finer than others and drying times may vary.

Bold & Baroque

Antique chairs of a bygone era don't need to be dust collectors in the attic. These beautifully designed and ornate chairs are being refinished and remodelled into bold statement pieces sure to be conversation starters at your next dinner party.

Painters Tip: If you choose to stain and refinish the wood elements of your antique chair be sure to find the right wood filler, stain, and lacquer to make the wood details shine. Alternatively, consider painting them in a stunning metallic gold or silver.

Watch it. Do it.

Check out Megan Bell and Christina Muscari on YouTube to Learn
How to Refinish Wood Furniture Step-by-Step.

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