Regulatory RADAR

CPCA's Monthly Advocacy Report

The Regulatory RADAR is a monthly members-only publication detailing comprehensive legislative and regulatory actions at all levels of government. If you are working in regulatory affairs, issues management or product stewardship within your organization the information provided in this publication will be of interest to you. Here you will find regular and relevant updates on existing and ongoing legislative/regulatory development at all levels of government, emerging issues in the coatings industry on sustainability, product innovation, compliance requirements for a wide range of chemicals, worker safety initiatives, regulatory alignment challenges, and much more. You will also have access to CPCA interventions on behalf of members related to the issues that will include position papers, formal submissions, survey information, Committee initiatives, and much more. The Regulatory RADAR has all the information necessary to support your organization's compliance efforts. It captures many of the alerts sent to you over the course of each month, so you miss nothing! 

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