A Canadian Success Story

Canada leads the world in post-consumer paint recycling:

  • collecting more than 28 million kilograms of leftover paint last year
  • with enough recycled paint to paint 560,000 average size home
  • diverting waste paint from landfills and saving related landfill costs
  • with manufacturers responsible for 100 percent of the costs
  • preserving valuable natural resources for future use
  • conserving energy for other purposes
  • creating green jobs

CPCA highlights the importance of this worthwhile initiative and promotes it under the PaintCare brand in Canada for the benefit of members, consumers and the environment.

Recycling one gallon of paint could save 13 gallons of water, 1 quart of oil, 13.74 pounds of CO2, save enough energy to power the average home for 3 hours, or cook 6 meals in a microwave oven, or blow dry someone's hair 27 times.

The coatings industry in Canada leads the world in post-consumer paint recycling with a program in every province.