Chemicals Management in Canada


Chemicals are the basis of most of the world’s products as they are for literally thousands of paint and coatings products. Customers, government bodies, non-governmental organizations and consumers are increasingly aware that the chemical industry, comprising many different sectors, has an important role to play in creating a positive impact on the environment as well as people’s health and well-being. It is clear there are many environmental and human health benefits derived from paint and coatings. The ultimate goal is to deliver those benefits to prevent potentially unintended negative impacts, which no business wants. Defining the new standard for chemicals management has evolved over many years because ‘what one can measure, one can manage.’ The coatings industry has embraced this approach internally and externally in working with many organizations on a common framework for assessing and reporting on life cycle metrics for its products. As such our member companies have a means to improve the economic and social impact of their products for the end users, within the communities they operate.

Chemicals Management Framework

Chemicals Management in Canada

Chemicals Management in Canada

Issues Tracking, Regulatory Updates & Canada Coatings HUB Resources

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CMP Issue Overview

CMP is now the most important issue for coatings companies operating in Canada as the decisions taken by the federal government in evaluating existing and new chemical substances could impact product formulations and ultimately sales. This section provides regularly updated issue tracking for members that on:

  1. status of the ongoing chemical Risk Assessments and the data requirements;
  2. what Risk Management approaches might result from the final risk assessment;
  3. reference Reports and Publications use to help inform the assessment;
  4. all of which can be searched by Resource Type in the Coatings Hub Resources.

To help you understand the CMP process and the work CPCA does to help inform the risk assessment/risk management process, you can review the Featured Resources section that includes:

  1. outline of the CoatingsHUB Resources;
  2. Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan Process;
  3. CPCA Compliance Oversight for members;
  4. CPCA Submissions;
  5. CMP Chemical Substance Tracking;
  6. CMP Critical Issue Tracking;
  7. Member Actions Required;
  8. Chemical Substance Glossary.

In addition to tracking risk assessment and risk management actions by ‘resource type‘, you can also track by each Phase of the CMP process as noted. Please note that CMP-1 and CMP-2 have been completed with several outstanding issues from CMP-2. CPCA’s current focus is on the 540 substances of the 1,550 that are now being evaluated or assessed in CMP-3 and planning for a fourth phase, now referred to as CMP Post-2020.

Canada CoatingsHUB Resources

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The table below outlines all activities conducted by CPCA related to the issues within the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP). Anything that is marked as "Member Action Required" within the table will display in your dashboard if you are subscribing and following this issue. Look for important compliance dates and deadlines within the Compliance Calendar.