Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation


Bilateral trade in goods between Canada and the United States amounts to over $2 billion every day. One in seven Canadian jobs is linked to exports to the US and eleven million jobs in the US are supported by trade with Canada. To further enhance the integration between the two economies, both countries created the Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) in 2011 and renewed in 2018. The RCC is an initiative between both federal governments aimed at pursuing greater alignment in regulation, increasing mutual recognition of regulatory practices and establishing smarter, more effective and less burdensome regulations in specific sectors. The chemical sector is one of the more heavily regulated sectors and is part of the RCC workplan for the alignment of chemicals crossing the border. Efforts continue to increase harmonization on key issues for the coatings sector and CPCA continues to engage with its key partner in the US, the American Coatings Association.

The most efficient regulations ensure the protection of human health and the environment while supporting economic growth and a level playing field.

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