Issues Management

Over the years, the paint industry as a whole has faced numerous challenges with Canadian paint regulations. From being among the most regulated industry sectors in Canada, to many issues such as the following: enforcement and compliance with lower VOC regulations for all categories of architectural and automotive coatings; transborder trade challenges; lack of regulatory alignment with the United States; data gathering requirements under Canada’s stringent Chemicals Management Plan; harmonization of regulations for paint recycling across all provincial jurisdictions in Canada; mergers, acquisitions and consolidations in a global economy; increasing costs related to raw material supply;  increasing regulatory burden placing added pressures on paint manufacturing facilities in Canada; lack of human resources and the need for new education and training; new workplace health and safety legislation; ongoing air quality regulations; and more.

CPCA relies on a strong technical committee structure to gather the necessary information and materials in support of appropriate analysis, position papers and recommendations for the CPCA Board and management. This ensures CPCA does the heavy regulatory lifting on the ground, and not just at the policy levels where issues are evolving. This alleviates pressure on valuable member resources for better outcomes with Canadian paint regulations.

CPCA has a proactive issue management strategy that ensures members have direct input into decisions impacting their business. CPCA supports its member companies with a timely, strategic, and relevant communications platform that puts members in the driver’s seat when it comes to staying abreast of critical issues for maximum results.

The main issue management platform for CPCA members is now the Canada CoatingsHUB. It has everything you need to ensure your company is fully informed on regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.