International Government initiatives


There are many issues and initiatives at the international level, which have an impact on Canadian legislative and regulatory matters. CPCA works on many of those issues as part of the International Paint and Printing Ink Council (IPPIC) of which CPCA is a founding member. IPPIC has standing at various international fora, such as the ones noted below, and thus can ensure industry’s views are conveyed to relevant decision-makers if and when required. It also helps CPCA make informed decisions with respect to various issues that are in alignment with jurisdictions globally, where possible.

  • Canada-US Regulatory Cooperation Council
  • International Conference on Chemicals Management
  • Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management
  • International Maritime Council
  • OECD Sound Management of Chemicals
  • United Nations Reports
  • Responsible Mica Initiative
  • UN Lead Paint Alliance

IPPIC was established to ensure that the industry coordinated the development of industry policy on international issues, fully considering global implications

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