Help Sustain a Vibrant Canadian Industry

If you do business in the Canadian paint and coatings industry its critical that you be fully informed of the many regulatory requirements for chemicals in your products. CPCA helps members ensure full compliance to help protect the reputation of their brands. 

No other organization provides the level of focus for the coatings industry in Canada.

The vast majority of CPCA’s work and its core competency remains its work on regulatory compliance for members. No company can afford issues of non-compliance. Chemical assessment in Canada under the federal Chemicals Management Plan is complex and onerous, but it represents the ‘new normal’ for chemical companies doing business here. The federal government seeks to ensure chemicals used in products are safe for human health and the environment. The coatings industry supports this work as part of its overall commitment to corporate responsibility.

Understanding Canada’s ongoing risk assessment of chemicals is essential. Current regulations can always be re-evaluated based on: new findings or scientific facts, new uses for chemicals in products, new exposure scenarios for those products, other international regulatory concerns, etc. Any or all of these factors could threaten the sale of existing products requiring extensive product reformulations or the abandonment of product lines completely.

CPCA has a proven track record in helping companies minimize regulatory impact by providing stronger data for better outcomes across the entire coatings value chain. No one wants outcomes as noted below.

Preventing such negative impacts is the main reason major paint and coatings companies operating in Canada have been longstanding members of CPCA. If you want to ensure none of these negative outcomes impact your business, join CPCA today.