In a world where fast-paced production and disposable single-use products seem to be the latest trend in product development, there is something to be said about restoration. In fact, this is one of the areas where paint really makes an impact. Not just visually but environmentally, preserving solid wood furniture for use by another generation, returning quality tools, lanterns and other common household items to their original glory, and celebrating the design aesthetic of vintage car design where bigger was better. There are many options for the avid DIYer who may be looking to extend the life of their car, boat, furniture, tools or perhaps you’re a car enthusiast with an old Model-T in the garage. From touch up tips to ceramic coatings we have all the information you’ll need to paint-it-yourself!

Refinishing jobs often require specialized paints and multiple coats. Before you start your next refinishing project read through CPCA's Alkyd Paint Use in Refinishing page.