Code of Practice for MEKO

Health Canada and Environment Canada have published a Code of Practice for 2-Butanone oxime or MEKO, a chemical commonly used as an anti-skinning agent in the formulation of alkyd or solvent borne paints, primers, varnishes and stains. It is not found in any of the widespread latex or waterborne products.  

The Code of Practice for MEKO is the first of its kind in Canada for consumer products. The Canadian paint manufacturing industry, which complies with all national and international standards, fully supports this new code by already reducing the use of MEKO to its minimum levels.

The Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA) has developed educational communication tools to further ensure that all consumers adopt recommended practices with regard to ventilation when using indoor alkyd paint products containing MEKO. 

Members of the Canadian paint and coatings industry, retailers and consumers have the option of viewing, downloading and printing copies of the fact sheet, poster and video and sharing a link to the materials on their social media networks and/or website.

Protecting Consumer Health