Treated Articles Policy


Treated articles are generally used for a product or material which is treated with a pesticide or biocide for a particular purpose, such as protecting the article or exerting certain desired effects. An ‘antimicrobial treated article’ refers to a product or material to which an antimicrobial preservative has been intentionally incorporated or applied to prevent degradation or damage to products or materials from micro-organisms (e.g. to inhibit bacterial growth). These include antimicrobial preservatives in water-based paints, certain plastic products, and wood construction or masonry materials. These preservatives used to treat products are regulated under the Pest Control Products Act. Only registered pesticides are permitted for manufacture, import, sale and use in Canada. For antimicrobial treated articles, the registration requirement is limited to the pesticide itself, the actual preservative. Antimicrobial ‘treated’ articles or products are not required to be registered as long as certain conditions are met such as any preservative contained within the product is registered, in accordance with approved uses and limited to prevention of degradation from microorganisms. The view on treated articles and how they are to be registered in future is being evaluated within the context of existing Canadian legislation.

Before any pesticide can be registered in Canada, it must be reviewed and approved for use by the PMRA

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