Government Funding Sources


There are a number of federal and provincial funding programs providing grants and contributions to industry. Member companies can and have taken advantage of a number of them in support of R&D for greater innovation, increased sustainability and commercialization of new and improved functional coatings.  These programs are offered by organizations like the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), National Scientific and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), Canadian Foundation for Innovation, Canada Export Program, Technology Demonstration Program, and various federal regional funding programs across Canada. CPCA highlights all relevant government funding programs and the related support services provided for member companies.

CPCA highlights all relevant government funding programs and the related support services provided for member companies

Government Funding Sources

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Currently there are billions of dollars available to companies doing business in Canada, either as tax breaks, research grants, funding for innovation, green technology funds, etc. These are all captured for members in this section and the requirements for funding are provided should members seek to pursue such funding. This section will also be updated with the funding that is granted under the various programs so members can see what is in the realm of possibility. Where appropriate, CPCA will support member initiatives seeking government funding. Often available funding goes untapped and lapses from one year to the next. The question is: Have members reviewed the types of funding available and considered whether or not it applies to their respective companies? It should be noted that CPCA members have accessed federal funding sources in the past for eligible projects.

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