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The Canada CoatingsHUB is the only digital regulatory HUB of its kind in Canada focused on issues management, government relations, and regulatory affairs in the paint and coatings industry. The Canada CoatingsHUB is a centralized repository of paint and coatings regulatory issues and resources including a chemical substance database, compliance calendar which provides important deadlines, and more. Any manufacturer or supplier of paint and coatings products in Canada must have access to critical and current information to support company compliance programs, mitigate risk, and grow its business. Access Everything you need, from Anywhere you are.

  • Juergen Nowak
    CPCA has something now that no other coatings association in the world can even begin to boast of as companies are extremely interested in regulatory information.
    Juergen Nowak
    Vincentz Network

If you are manufacturing, distributing, or selling paint and coatings products in Canada the key question is — Can you afford NOT to be a CPCA member? Join CPCA Today and access Canada CoatingsHUB resources and improve your outcomes in producing, selling, and shipping paint and coatings products in Canada.