Relevant • Robust • Rigorous

CPCA has something now that no other coatings association in the world can even begin to boast of as companies are extremely interested in regulatory information. (International Coatings Technology Expert) 

What information do you get?

Information that is organized and searchable via key data points such as:

  • government policies, legislation, regulations and related amendments
  • CPCA technical committee minutes
  • formal CPCA and industry government-related submissions
  • key advisories and member bulletins
  • relevant consultations and regulatory deadlines
  • important internal and external meeting agendas
  • relevant industry and government presentations
  • 'need-to-know' dates for compliance deadlines
  • relevant publications and publication links
  • relevant research centres and institutes
  • government funding sources
    …. and more.

CPCA’s new CoatingsHUB is the one thing our members tell us they cannot live without. This is especially true at a time when the coatings industry is among the most heavily regulated in the country. No other association has this level of detail on the multitude of issues of importance to the Canadian coatings industry.

Relevant: There are a multitude of actions and decisions taken daily that impact those doing business in Canada’s coatings industry and these are all curated for you on the Hub.

Robust: More than just a comprehensive list of items to sort through, which anyone can find on government sources via google, the Hub provides critical insights on what is most important to those in the coatings business in Canada.

Rigorous: More than just platitudes the Hub provides what needs to be done on a range of issues, how it is done for maximum impact and considerations of the outcomes expected and achieved.

Enhancing Compliance & Mitigating Risk

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