The Third VOC Regulation proposal is expected to be published later in Spring of 2019 and while the major VOC regulations for coatings came into force in 2009 for AIM and Auto Refinish, there were a number of possible implications for A & S products, cleaners, and multi-purpose solvents used in the Auto Refinish sector that would have impacted more than 20 CPCA member companies.  CPCA’s numerous submissions to government on the subject matter were successful in retaining VOC limit exemptions and suitable trading options that will help maintain the performance of existing products containing VOCs in excess. This webinar will bring all up to date on the current status of the proposed regulations, when they will come into force, and how they will be rolled out as it relates to stop sale and sell through of existing stocks of adhesives and sealants, cleaners, thinners and multipurpose solvents. The second part of the presentation will provide CPCA members with a status update on a recent Environment and Climate Change Canada consultation on the development of a national survey on other uses of microplastics implicating several industry sectors including paint and coatings and cleaning products. Plastic microbeads are any solid plastic particles known to be equal to or less than 5 mm in size. ECCC will inquire about quantities, facility management practices, and potential releases to the environment from the use of products containing microbeads.

If members have any questions or would like to provide additional feedback they are welcome to communicate directly with the compliance officer at CPCA. All questions will be addressed as quickly as possible.

February 14, 2019

CPCA Webinar: VOC Regulatory Compliance Update for Third VOC Regulation and ECCC Microplastics Survey Project

The Third VOC Regulation proposal is expected to be published later in Spring of 2019...

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