Paints and Coatings Working Group (PCWG)

The PCWG is widely recognized for its effectiveness by both government and industry as it provides a forum for CPCA members and government officials to engage on all regulatory matters related to Canada’s Chemical Management Plan and Health and Safety. The PCWG is comprised of CPCA staff and member representatives, as well as officials from Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and other government departments and agencies. The group meets twice a year. The purpose of the working group is to exchange information between government and industry that will help promote an improved understanding of the Chemical Management Plan (CMP) and legacy substances and their implications for the paints and coatings sector. The main objectives are:

  • To identify and provide direction on issues that will need additional research and information, including establishing and providing direction to technical sub-working group(s) on issues of concern to the industry.
  • To provide input into the development of risk management approaches that protects human health and the environment related to the paint and coatings sector in Canada.
  • To review, provide input and develop approaches for short, medium and long term CMP priorities impacting the coatings industry in Canada.