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Association networking is nice and CPCA provides such opportunities, but positive regulatory outcomes for industry are better! That is our core competency and why members join CPCA.

CPCA is focused on getting results for its members. How it does so is explained throughout this website in terms of the advocacy and regulatory work done on behalf of members in one of the most heavily regulated sectors in Canada. It 2015 the federal government reported that there were 131,754 federal requirements that impose an administrative and regulatory burden on businesses. Currently 500 of the 1500 substances being assessed in phase 3 of the federal government’s Chemicals Management Plan are used in the coatings industry. As such, they are being assessed with the intent of imposing use restrictions, new regulations or outright bans. The potential impact of any or all of those decisions could be substantial and severely impact the bottom line.

The work of CPCA has helped the Canadian paint and coatings industry remain strong and stable today. To remain a sustainable industry, it must be vigilant and advocate for a level playing field in an increasingly competitive socio-economic environment.

CPCA Helps Sustain the Industry Over the Long-Term

CPCA’s work can save companies time and money, providing a significant return on investment. Take a look at our Track Record!

CPCA Member Companies are provided with the support they need to make critical business decisions, furthering their bottom line and growth within Canada.