CPCA Coatings Technology Diploma

CPCA is pleased to offer the Diploma in Coatings Technology to students in Canada and around the world. Over the past 100 years, these courses have been continually updated and available to those working in the industry in order to provide a solid foundation in coatings technology. There have been more than 800 recent graduates of the program. It is now online for your convenience. Work at your own pace with easy-to-use computer-based training to gain the knowledge you need today to advance your career in the coatings industry. Receive valuable training at your convenience with online courses available in three areas: theoretical concepts, industrial paint applications and sales and marketing.


Job Enrichment
& Life-learning


A pathway
to promotion




Upgrade your Status
in the Industry


Increased Trainee Retention
& Production

Course Outline & Cost

Each of the three online courses consists of 14 sessions, of which 12 are actual lectures, and two are examinations. The cost is $550 + HST per course and includes a downloadable textbook for each lessons. The classes are available exclusively online. We now offer a special discount of $300 + HST per course for our member companies.

Work at your own pace and gain the knowledge you need to advance your career.