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As a not-for-profit industry association, CPCA represents respected paint and coatings manufacturers selling brands that have been sold for more than a century in Canada. These brands are at the peak of their performance for customers, all functioning at the highest levels of sustainability. CPCA also represents suppliers, distributors and affiliated companies supplying critical ingredients for a wide range of product formulations.

These brands contribute greatly to environmental sustainability including: greatly reduced or zero-VOC emissions improving air quality for all; almost all architectural products in Canada are now water-based; very strong paint recovery and recycling programs in Canada for a true circular economy approach to leftover paint waste; and increased functionality and performance of every coating on the market today.

These brands help both consumers and other industry sectors reduce THEIR environmental footprint by: increasing the life-cycle of products; delaying the need for new raw material resources; decreasing paint waste going to landfill with greater resource recovery and lower costs for communities; and adding important value to products used in every other industry sector.

The widely accepted definition of sustainability is stated as, "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future via three main pillars: economic, environmental, and social." The coatings industry has embraced this concept on all fronts as you will see throughout this website.


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