Pandemic Updates and Information for Members

Actions Related to Covid-19 Response: The association continues to monitor Government actions taken at the Federal and Provincial level that will impact members in one way or another due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The paint and coatings industry provides essential services to help combat COVID-19 as evidenced by recent decisions taken by both the Ontario and Quebec governments in designation of essential work places. Please check back regularly as this page will be updated with latest information as CPCA monitors this pandemic closely.

While the Canadian government works towards flattening the curve of COVID-19 and its spread within Canadian borders, CPCA has been taking actions in support of our members throughout these unprecedented times. The Association continues to operate with all staff members working from home and practicing social distancing as per the government directives, and working collaboratively to provide our members the most recent information regarding government decisions and programs at the provincial and federal level. The details below provide links to recent CPCA bulletins, which include the current status of all emergency federal and provincial programs of support for the economy and businesses in Canada as these are regularly updated.

The pandemic and spread of COVID-19 continues to evolve significantly, so please click the links provided to ensure you take full advantage of the substantial support available via your respective levels of government.

Many of CPCA’s member organizations play a critical role in support of the public generally and flattening the curve through essential services and as designated by the Ontario and Quebec Governments to date and possibly other Provinces in future.  Please see those essential products and services (click here). The industry supports the public and those on the frontline of the COVID-19 response. The industry supports health care, hospitals, defense, food, hygiene, agriculture, energy, public works, information technology systems and many others. Life-saving equipment such as ventilators and medical monitors contain multiple components that must be coated to ensure performance.

CPCA is aware of the tremendous challenges that are facing our industry now and in the weeks ahead and the association will do all it can to support members efforts in delivering essential services for the public. This page and its contents are updated regularly so check back for additional news and information that can support you and your organization during these unprecedented times.

CPCA Bulletins & Communiqués on COVID-19

If your organization has questions or needs support during these difficult times please contact CPCA. We are here for YOU!