105th Annual Conference & AGM
Challenges of a Sustainable Industry

105 Annual conference AGMThe 105th Annual CPCA Conference and AGM was held in Toronto at the end of May where leaders from the Canadian and US paint and coatings industry gathered to discuss today’s sustainability challenges. Speakers from industry, government, and academia led thought-provoking and informative sessions citing break-through innovations, shifts in regulatory approaches, and the need for government to keep up with industry to ensure that regulations support, rather than stifle innovation.

One of the most highly-regulated and compliant sectors of the Canadian economy, the paint and coatings industry is facing new challenges to its continued business viability in Canada. Well organized public relations campaigns led by civil society and environmental activists have brought the effectiveness of Canada’s comprehensive environmental protection framework and world-renowned, risk-based Chemicals Management Plan into question.

Themed “Challenges of a Sustainable Industry” this year’s conference focused on the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of the coatings industry and was enhanced by informed business sessions by experts speaking on a number of innovative and sustainable initiatives such as:  research into bio-based polymers, ecologically responsible finishings, engineering product sustainability, and the importance of biocides in coatings. Conference delegates also engaged in discussions on the circular economy, regulatory alignment, product stewardship, and the regulatory challenges to sustainable manufacturing. 

This year’s programming had heightened relevance given the additional challenges to Canadian competitiveness presented by recent corporate tax reductions and regulatory roll-backs in the US. CPCA’s members continue to set new standards in performance, innovation, and stewardship to meet industry and consumer demand. Despite the challenges the industry continues investing thousands of hours and millions of dollars in providing scientific and commercial data for the development of, and compliance with, Canada’s risk-management regulatory framework. 

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