Welcome to CPCA's 107th Annual Conference & AGM, Canada's leading event providing relevant, timely, and industry specific regulatory information and offering attendees updates on current issues of interest, advances in technology and R&D, and networking opportunities to support business objectives. CPCA is the only trade association representing the unique interests of the paint and coatings industry across Canada. We have been hosting Conferences for over 100 years providing paint manufacturers, suppliers and distributors with the information they need to succeed in Canada. CPCA is pleased to announce the focus for this year's event.

Driving Change: One Coating at a Time

In an industry where regulation is the active precursor to any business decision, paint and coatings organizations continue to drive innovation and act as agents of change. R&D pushes the envelope on coatings science creating continuous disruptions that are sustaining or in some cases disrupting multiple industries. Nanoparticle-manufacturing technology is enabling health care providers to deliver targeted doses of medication right where it’s needed in the body. Plasma coatings are being used to enhance textiles to repel water or render plastics impenetrable or corrosion-resistant such as in fuel tank manufacturing. Heat reflective paint technology using titanium oxide particles is producing savings and efficiencies for both fuel consumption and energy. It’s no small feat innovating in a way that permeates all segments of the coatings industry and other industries as well.

The 2020 CPCA Annual Conference & AGM will explore these technology changes and advances and what they mean for business. Issues discussed will include how regulations have been a catalyst to many leading innovations; how the paint and coatings industry lean into regulatory developments for better R&D and product development; and what it takes to be an agent of change in the heavily regulated coatings world.

Join us May 20-22 in one of Canada’s oldest provinces – Québec City – the only North American city with a fortified colonial core dating back to 1608.

Why Attend

CPCA’s annual conference explores major trends, challenges and solutions in the paint and coatings industry. As a delegate, you will be able to:

  • Network with key executives in the Canadian coatings industry
  • Hear presentations by knowledgeable speakers from across North America
  • Establish contacts in the industry: manufacturers, suppliers/distributors, government, academia, & more
  • Discuss coatings technology, innovation, R&D, business development, management and operational issues with executives in the coatings value chain in large, and small- and medium-sized enterprises
  • Learn from success stories that continue to drive growth and prosperity in the coatings industry
  • Obtain insight and ideas from your peers in the industry

Those working in key roles within their organization will benefit from the information presented at our conference. Anyone working within the roles listed below should consider attending CPCA’s Annual Conference & AGM:

  • Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor Professionals
  • R&D, Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Regulatory Officers
  • Supply Chain Specialists
  • Affiliated Industry Associations
  • Government Officials
  • Trade Representatives
  • Coatings Industry Consultants
  • Relevant Industry Stakeholders

Registration Opens January 2020

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