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European Coatings Fire Forum 2019

November 6 - November 7


One of the most important hidden features of many goods and parts of buildings is to prevent flames to spread or buildings to collapse in case of fires. Everything to increase the time for rescue is crucial. Coatings play a significant role here. They can give a foamy extra layer to steel bars in order to maintain their thermal integrity for a bit longer, or prevent the spreading of flames in a living room, once the candle set fire to the couch, the wooden table or even structural wood.

Building fires like the London Grenfell tower and more recently the Notre Dame in Paris underline the importance of having proper protection in place and there is still room for improvement. The conference will deal with latest developments in flame retardancy and intumescent coatings and will bring you up-to-date on testing methods as well as regulations.

CPCA member companies reap the rewards of our ongoing international efforts as a member of the International Paint and Printing Ink Council focused on supporting strong national and international brands.